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An affair to remember.

Mongkok Bistro

Dim Sum, and Then Some


Fresh convenience.


Explore the great indoors.


In pursuit of the noble beverage.


Up all night to Souvlaki.


The Athlete's Soap.


The World at My Feet.

Departures & Arrivals

Departures from convention.
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Our philosophy

Make Sense
& Look Good.

We believe in building brands from strong ideas & honest roots. We believe that form & function play a huge part in creating exceptional, credible brands with soul.

We are always geared towards making brands matter, and building relationships that last. Work with us to create impactful, resonant, enduring brands & experiences.

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We like working with passionate people who know the value of what we do— that design can positively shift the way people think.

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Things we read
from a fortune cookie

“Branding and strategy is like Ebony and Ivory — they live together in perfect harmony.”

“Making sense and looking good is a 24/7 effort.”

“Well-designed things are often useful.”

“We like working with people who appreciate and know the value in what we do.”

“Our small team allows us to create big things.”

“With great budgets come great work.”

“Pitches are for baseball games.”

“No money, no honey.”

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