Eat greek, eat great.


Cyma Greek Taverna is best known as the restaurant that popularised Greek cuisine in the Philippines. To celebrate ten years of serving great and serving Greek, Cyma hired us to update their brand and to redesign their expanded menu to create a more visually stimulating dining experience.

Cyma Logo

Cyma Logo before and after

The Cyma logo was updated to direct the brand’s focus towards a bolder, more visually consistent look.

Cyma Brand Pattern

Cyma Menu

Our concept for the menu was to highlight the imagery of a typical Greek feast: a myriad of dishes shared and enjoyed with friends and family.

Cyma Menu Food Photography

Cyma Menu Food Photography

The menu photography was styled and directed to give focus to the fresh ingredients typically found in a Greek kitchen. It gives further emphasis to Cyma’s pursuit for authenticity and quality.

Cyma Typesetting

Cyma Placemats

Cyma Feedback Forms

Cyma Menu

Cyma Menu

Cyma Menu

By breathing new life into the brand, we have helped them improve their image and how they communicate their distinct food philosophy.

Cyma Website Design and Development

Cyma has several branches in and outside of the metro. View their branches on their website (which we made too, by the way) here.

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