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Fresh, feisty, and fun, Ilya is a sex toy shop for any kind of body, with any kind of buddy. Our objective was to move away from the dark, come-hither look of most adult shops. We helped shape the brand to encourage sex-positive thinking and shame-free exploration and inquiry. Ilya’s bright and bold visual identity is underpinned by a cheeky take on pareidolia, because anything can look like genitalia with the power of imagination.

Ilya packets with fresh fruits and, sex toys, and sundry

ilya packets with fresh fruits and, sex toys, and sundry.

ilya logo icon and logotype

Ilya logo shorthand icon and catchphrase

ilya's plump bunny icon brings home the brand's playful manner.

Ilya typesetting

ilya sex toy specifications and usage information, plus a look at just a few of their products

Handy intro pamphlets and information sheets are ready to help out. Whatever you're into, whatever you're in the mood for, or whatever you've been meaning to explore, ilya's got it covered.

Sex toys and sundry

Sex toys and sundry

Sex toys and sundry

Ilya stationery set

A wide variety of features and guarantees

Product categories, from his and hers, any kind of kink, any kind of couple

Any kink and any crevice covered. Puns and sleek lines make the getting-to-know-you stage simple without feeling stale.

Ilya website and sex toy catalogue

We helped design ilya's online shop. Visit their website and get playing. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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