The athlete's soap.


Hard work is dirty work — whether it’s out on the field or on top of a table. Scrubs Athlete’s Soaps are especially made for scrubbing off the extra layers of grease and grime of a day’s work. Guided by the simplicity and exuberance of Americana sports imagery, the brand’s identity packs high energy details and measured designs into each bar. Win or lose, it’s the soap to choose.

Scrubs logo design

The Scrubs logo's lettering style is inspired by baseball Americana. The rest of the brand takes its cues from the dynamic composition and the rounded letterforms, creating a look that balances play and power.

Scrubs soaps

Each soap bar package is colored to match the product itself.

Scrubs type setting

Scrubs is set in a rounded, warm Alright Sans, paired with hefty, powerful Abolition.

Soap close up

Scrubs currently has five soap variants, each made to aid in different ways.

Color setting

The Scrubs palette mixes bright and zesty colors with dark, soothing tones to capture the feel of each wash.

Lifestyle shot

We photographed the Scrubs bars for the launch campaign, each featuring the soap surrounded by the things you usually find soaps surrounded by, like whistles and basket balls.


The brand features inspirational quotes to inspire the everyday athlete, actual or imagined.

Lifestyle shot

The Immunity bar.

Close up for Scrubs

The Energy bar.

Scrubs soap shot

The Boost soap bar.

Scrubs soap shot

The Recover soap bar.

Soap close up

Each soap bar is carved with a special motivational message. Scrubs: here to clean and coach you through each wash.

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